e-library - 10 Pain medicine
Title Journal
Acute pain management for opioid tolerant patients Update in Anaesthesia
Acute pain management part 1 Tutorial of the Week
Assessment of neuropathic pain CEACCP
Cancer pain management—Part I: General principles CEACCP
Chronic post-surgical pain CEACCP
The management of pain following day surgery CEACCP
Management of postoperative pain Update in Anaesthesia
Measuring pain CEACCP
Neuropathic pain Tutorial of the Week
Pain after amputation CEACCP
Pain and rehabilitation from landmine injury Update in Anaesthesia
Pain in sickle cell disease Update in Anaesthesia
Pain in the patient with burns CEACCP
Pain management in critical care CEACCP
Painful diabetic neuropathy CEACCP
Physiology of pain Update in Anaesthesia
Physiology of pain Tutorial of the Week
Phantom limb pain Tutorial of the Week
Post-herpetic neuralgia Update in Anaesthesia
Postoperative analgesia in paediatric day surgery Update in Anaesthesia
Relief from chronic pain when resources are limited Update in Anaesthesia
Transition from acute to chronic pain CEACCP